Web Streaming Melbourne

If you’re looking for web streaming Melbourne location, look no further. We provide a broad range of packages. From a basic setup including 1 fixed camera streaming your presentation with slides embedded into the stream, all the way up to a multi camera broadcast with chat and poll integration utilising twitter. We can also stream directly to your company Facebook account. We are happy to discuss your event and see what package suits your needs.

We have years of experience working in live events providing production and technical services across a broad spectrum of media. These services include, project management, content production design, audio-visual equipment, camera crew, web streaming services, and technical operators.

  • If your'e looking to broadcast your event over the internet using web streaming services, look no further. We can stream your event across the globe with no hassle. Call us to discuss.

Web Streaming Live, Broadcast to your audience!!

We provide expert advise and services for large projection blends and content development using professional platforms like the Coolux Pandora Box systems. Also, we provide camera crew that can record and display your event live around the venue on plasmas or projection. In addition we can broadcast your event similtanously while controlling media content in the live space. All this whilst streaming directly on your business website. We can also re-edit the footage into a short and punchy video to promote your event on youtube and the social media landscape. What ever the situation, we can help choose a solution that works for you.


Web streaming Melbourne