Video Editing Online

If you require Fast Editing Services services at affordable prices, you’ve come to the right place! Medialight Studios is based in Melbourne and we love to video edit!

If you’re thinking about making social media videos, consider videos for Instagram! Although Instagram is know for images and selfies, videos are becoming a popular way to comminicate to an audience. It’s a growing medium and is steadily picking up pace. The only restriction with Instagram videos, is they have to be NO more than 15 seconds in length. That’s it! So we are here to do video editing online!. Send us your footage or stills and we will make the video exciting and interesting to watch. We stylise the video with fast cuts, color grading, typography and music. We also use video branding to ensure your brand is recognised through out the video.

You can send the footage to us via post or upload using Dropbox, Hightail or Google Drive.

Fast, Affordable, Reliable Video Editing Services

More and more companies are introducing video content across their website and social media space. We use fast video editing online skills and software to speed up the production so you can get your content on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.