Studio Production Melbourne

Studio Production Melbourne

Studio Production Melbourne

This promotional video was created for Green Press. Green press are a healthy food brand that have recipes to help people become healthy and motivated. This video was created in Melbourne using a live studio setup. Using the Blackmagic URSA 4k mini and the Sony EA50, we managed to capture all the action in usually 1 take. By utilising the UHD 4k resolution, later in post production, the editor could zoom into the action to get a closer shot without sacrificing the quality. The second camera was mobile and used primarily to get close up food shots as cut way material. Studio production Melbourne videos are a great way to get the pace of live action with the quality of broadcast TV.

About Green Press

We create simple recipes that take no time at all. Our entire focus is the most vegetables in the least amount of time. And it has to taste good. There’s no kale and water cleanse here. We’re foodies. If our tastebuds don’t give it the all clear, we’re not eating it. And we’re certainly not telling you to.

Green Press is here to help you live longer, have more energy and look better naked. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re all Narcissistic Neds that want to be our best. This website will inspire you to get in the kitchen and make that happen.


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