Lecture Presentation Video – Sue Sloan

Lecture Presentation Video

Lecture Presentation Video

Sue Sloan Lecture – Demo from Medialight Studios on Vimeo.

Medialight Studios filmed and edited this video. In this Lecture Presentation Video (Lecture 2), Sue Sloan demonstrates the effect on the brain when aquiring acute brain injury (ABI).

This online lecture series covers core material and is suitable for anyone working or living with a person with brain injury; both experienced and new to the field. The information in the series forms the basis for developing individual programs for clients with ABI, with a particular focus on managing cognitive problems and challenging behaviours. The lecture material covers all the TAC requirements for ABI training for ACWs. Therapists and psychologists can earn CPD points. The series consists of a total of 3 hours of training, with each lecture approximately 30 minutes in length.

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