Documentary Video – Furthering Mercy

Documentary Video

Documentary Video


Furthering Mercy from Medialight Studios on Vimeo.

This is a documentary video titled Furthering Mercy. This documentary video was re-edited and re-mastered by Medialight Studios. The post production involved adding new Motion Graphics to match the exsisting style, mastering the sound and creating the DVD authoring.

Furthering Mercy: With your help Catherine’s Door will always remain open.

Back in the early 1800s Catherine McAuley understood this and the people to whom she ministered experienced it. Thanks to the magnanimous generosity of her donor William Callaghan, Catherine was able to open the first House of Mercy on Lower Baggot Street in Dublin, Ireland on 24 September, 1827. She had intended to continue this work with the support of her co-workers as a lay woman but in 1831, she with two other companions, took their vows and became the first Sisters of Mercy. They did this because Catherine realised the need to establish a religious structure that would ensure the extended existence of what she was establishing at the House of Mercy.

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