Corporate Promotional Video – PaperCut

Corporate Promotional Video

Corporate Promotional Video

PaperCut Reseller from Medialight Studios on Vimeo.

Medialight Studio filmed, edited and mastered this corporate promotional video for PaperCut. We went into PaperCut head office in Hawthorn and filmed key people within the organisation asking them questions about the company and their role in the organisation. With this information, cut-aways were filmed to support the information visually. With all this video content, we take that to the editing suite and begins the magic of editing. On average, the footage captured for films and TV series is about 10:1 of the final cut. Therefore if your TV show is 30 minutes in length, you would have about 300 minutes (5 hours) of footage. For documentaries and corporate videos, the ratio is more like 30:1. So for a 2 minute video like this one, we had 1 hour of footage. This is quite normal for interviews and cut-away capture.

This video was created to engage the international re-sellers of the PaperCut software, and help them understand the brand, product and, most importantly, the company.

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