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Battlefield Challenge Promo Video

  Medialight Studios came out to the battlefield site and got into the MUD to film this amazing course. Totally filmed, edited and produced by the Medialight Studio team in Melbourne. If you’ve conquered Tough Bloke or survived Tough Mudder then Operation Blackhawk “The Battlefield Challenge” is for you. It's aimed at all fitness levels…

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Melbourne Video Shoot – Operation Blackhawk

Melbourne Video Shoot Battlefield Challenge by Operation Blackhawk Promo Video from Medialight Studios on Vimeo. This was a Melbourne video shoot for Operation Blackhawk. A small crew went on location and captured all the rough and tumble of an army style obstacle course. An excellent day of filming in Nagambie for Operation Blackhawk promo video…

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Call to Action

When creating a script for your video production, whether its for web or TV, consider a call to action plan. This is where you would guide your customer to take action and call a number or visit your website. This is very important in executing a successful video campaign. Here is a good resource for…

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