Branding Videos

Branded Video

Branding Videos

ViPerform from Medialight Studios on Vimeo.

Branding Videos, Re-branded and re-editing video for DorsaVi. Medialight studios used motion graphics and CGI to replace logos and branding across the entire video.
Wearable wireless sensor technology to objectively measure movement and muscle activity. Intended for use by sports professionals to measure and record various ranges of motion, movement, acceleration and/or forces exerted by joints & muscles.
State of the art software and reporting to provide real time biofeedback in the gym and out on the track & field.

Branding Video

ViPerform™ is a wireless sensor technology that objectively measures human movement and turns it into actionable data. Wearable motion and muscle activity sensors record data at 200 frames per second. During flexion, what’s the breakdown between pelvic movement and lumbar spine movement? How do athletes progress from repetition to repetition? How about when they’re fresh vs. fatigued? ViPerform provides visual, objective, easily interpreted data to improve your assessments, prevent and manage injuries, and document therapy progress for athletes, referral physicians and insurance companies.

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